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December 10, 2003
New Delhi

PM's statement in Parliament on the resignation of Shri Dilip Singh Judev

~The Delhi edition of The Indian Express dated 16-11-2003 carried a News story and VCD visuals allegedly showing Shri Dilip Singh Judev, then Union Minister of State for Environment and Forests, receiving cash from one Shri Rahul in the presence of Shri Natwar Rateria, Assistant Private Secretary to the Minister. Shri Dilip Singh Judev submitted his resignation which was accepted by the President on my recommendation on 17-11-2003. On my direction, the Cabinet Secretariat forwarded on 17-11-2003 press clippings from various newspapers to the CBI for appropriate action.

On the basis of the above Indian Express News story and other print and electronic media reports, the CBI registered a Preliminary Enquiry on 18-11-2003 against Shri Judev, his APS Shri Natwar Rateria, and Shri Rahul, purportedly a representative of an Australian Mining Company.

The decision to register a Preliminary Enquiry or a regular case or file a chargesheet is a decision taken by the CBI. The Government does not interfere in these decisions.

The CBI has also sent notices to both Shri Judev and Shri Rateria requiring them to appear before the CBI.

It has been the policy of my Government that all allegations pertaining to corruption should be thoroughly inquired into. Accordingly, the CBI is inquiring into this whole matter and it would be premature to state anything till the inquiry is complete.

As Hon’ble Members are aware, the CBI has full functional autonomy and, under the recently enacted Central Vigilance Commission Act, the superintendence of the CBI in relation to offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act has been vested by the Government in the Central Vigilance Commission.

There should, therefore, be no fear or misgiving regarding the independence of this inquiry.

I would like to assure this august House that the truth will soon be out and the law will take its own course.~